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Glass Cutting Board

Glass Cutting Board

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Introducing our custom tempered glass cutting board to add a unique flair to your kitchen decor. This makes for an elegant countertop decor item for yourself or to give as a gift. 

Personalize and enhance your kitchen with this stunning cutting board, adding aesthetic appeal and elegance to your space. This custom cutting board makes a beautiful birthday, Mother's Day, bridal shower, or housewarming gift. Order yours today!


❖ Non-porous, textured glass top is durable
❖ Rubber feet to prevent slippage
❖ AI artwork by AI Art Originals won't fade
❖ Easy to clean
❖ Won't stain or mildew
❖ More sanitary than other surfaces
❖ Can be used as a serving board or as a trivet for hot cookware

These non-porous, textured, tempered glass cutting boards are a hygienic choice for all kinds of food preparation. They don't retain liquid or food particles.

This cutting board does not stain, or harbor bacteria or unpleasant odors. Tempered glass chopping boards are safer than other materials and easier to clean too.

The backside of the glass cutting board has four rubber dots (feet) to prevent it from moving around on your countertop as you use it. The topside (cutting side) has a slight texture to prevent slippage of the item placed on it.

Because these cutting boards are made of durable glass, they are heat-resistant and thus can double as a trivet. Place a hot dish out of the oven or hot cookware off the stove on the cutting board's surface to protect your countertop and disperse heat.

CARE: Hand wash your glass cutting board with dish soap and either towel or air dry.

 glass cutting board. Get yours today!
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